Logo for Cottonwood Institute against sky backdrop.

Tenant Spotlight: Cottonwood Institute

Interview with Andrew Miller, Program Manager for Cottonwood Institute. What does your organization do and how long have you been around? Since 2004, Cotttonwood Institute has been transforming the way we empower Colorado Front Range students…
Logo for Denver Streets Partnership against a skyline.

Tenant Spotlight: Denver Streets Partnership

Interview with Curt Baker, Communications Manager for Denver Streets Partnership. What does your organization do and how long have you been around? We're a coalition of community organizations advocating for people-friendly streets in…
A woman with box braids wearing a purple shirt and green pants is smiling and sitting down against an outdoor wall.

Shop Local Colorado

The holiday season is a time for giving. This year, consider giving support to our local Colorado businesses! Here are six Best for Colorado companies we're highlighting because of their ongoing commitment to improving the environment and their…

The Power and Privilege of Voting

I don’t vote. After living in, working in and contributing to this country, including paying taxes, for 15 years, I still do not have the right to vote. Voting, as it turns out, is not just the responsibility of American citizens, it is also…
2020 ballot stances. A close up shot of the state flag of Colorado waving in a breeze, with the American flag in the background.

Where We Stand: Our 2020 Ballot Stances

We have been through a lot this year. Spring saw an unprecedented spike in unemployment due to the coronavirus, summer witnessed the largest racial awakening in a generation and this fall will host a presidential election.  With so much…
Logo for Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education logo against aspen trees.

Tenant Spotlight: The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

Interview with Kat Riley, AmeriCorps program coordinator for the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. What does your organization do and how long have you been around?  The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE)…
four people sitting in office in business attire, black excellence

Seeking Black Excellence Beyond the Trends

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Written by Jice Johnson, Founder and Director of The Black Business Initiative (BBI). She is best known as an advocate for Black Business and wealth building. Since 2014, BBI has worked to provide Black entrepreneurs with business acumen, mentorship…
Logo for Healthier Colorado against a sky.

Tenant Spotlight: Healthier Colorado

This is an exciting time for Healthier Colorado as we announce that we have officially broken ground on the Colorado Health Capitol. This new space will serve as a collaborative environment for non-profit organizations invested in improving…
Logo for Recycle Colorado against a mountain backdrop.

Tenant Spotlight: Recycle Colorado

What does your organization do?  Recycle Colorado is an action-oriented and member-driven organization that works on state and local policy, projects that are related to state infrastructure and business end markets for material recovery,…