The Alliance Center is a mission-driven nonprofit with an event and collaborative working space.  We convene and mobilize our network of non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, government agencies, academic institutions and community members to collaboratively create sustainability-focused solutions.

We are explorers and innovators—working at the leading edge of sustainability to support a healthy planet, a strong democracy, and a thriving economy. We do not work alone. We create solutions through the strength of partnerships. We are an asset for our community—creating the space for people to do great things.


A truly equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future — one that works for everyone.


The Alliance Center brings people together to create a world where our communities are inclusive, our democracy is strong, our economy thrives and our planet is healthy.


We are measuring our impact against the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations to take them from aspirational goals to measurable, tangible actions at the local level. We recognize that we cannot do this work alone, and therefore we activate and manage a network of collaborators to tackle the broad spectrum of sustainability goals.


Our work is primarily focused across the Front Range of Colorado and has an aggressive growth plan to scale statewide by 2020. As one powerful node of our broader sustainability network, The Alliance Center is specifically focused on reducing Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions, increasing socially and environmentally responsible business in Colorado, and diversifying the sustainability movement.

Impact Areas


Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge of our generation. Find out how we use strategic collaboration to tackle this challenge.


Business can be a powerful force for good. Explore how we are working with leaders across all sectors to make responsible business the norm.


Learn how you can join our community of engaged, empowered, and influential citizens working to build stronger civic engagement.


The Alliance Center’s building is a historic gem in the heart of lower downtown Denver. Below is a brief history of its journey.


Our building was first named the Kennicott-Patterson Transfer and Storage building. It was erected in 1908 and originally used as a warehouse. To honor the beautiful twentieth century architecture, we have maintained and highlighted many aspects of the original structure, including the large wooden support beams and the original brick. Externally, the building’s original loading docks and rail spurs are still visible.


In 2004, our founder, John Powers, purchased the building, and The Alliance Center was born. The goals were to create an educational outreach center promoting sustainability and to model innovative green building practices via the reimagining of historic structures. The building underwent major energy efficiency and systems renovations in 2004 to provide a sustainable, collaborative working and meeting space for the community.


In 2014, our building completed its most recent transformation as part of a $13 million renovation project. We replaced all of the interior components, systems and structures, excluding wooden support beams, exterior brick facades, and windows. Our beautiful space now showcases these modern technologies and historical furnishings. The Alliance Center has grown to become an award-winning facility and a leader in sustainable design. To date, The Alliance Center has received numerous prestigious awards and continues to advance as a model for sustainable commercial structures.


In 2017, The Alliance Center underwent a brand realignment process to reconnect with our mission. As part of this process, we changed the name of the organization from the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado to The Alliance Center. For many years, the building that houses the collaborative working spaces was named The Alliance Center while the nonprofit organization that managed the building and created programming was called the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado.

We believe that we can make a bigger impact with a stronger, more connected, and more inspired community, and our rebrand was designed to do just that.

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