Welcome, Alliance Center tenants! We hope you enjoy working here as much as we enjoy working with you! You are what makes our space inspiring, and we’re so grateful for each one of you. Please see a list of frequently asked questions below.


Tenant community, we want to hear from you! We’re always open to ways we can improve the building and to suggestions you might have for us. If you ever have an issue, please submit our form below, and we’ll get back to you right away!


Does your organization have a new staff member or long-term intern? There are a few questions that we’d like you to answer prior to their arrival that will help us prepare! Please submit the form below with a week’s notice so we can be ready for their arrival. Thank you!


As your staff changes, we would love to be be kept in the loop so we can update our systems appropriately and continue to provide a safe and secure working environment. Please fill out this form as your staff members prepare to leave. Thank you!


As a tenant of The Alliance Center, your organization has access to a wide variety of benefits, including outreach to The Alliance Center’s broad network.

Did your organization accomplish something awesome? Are you hosting an upcoming event? Hiring for a new position? Let The Alliance Center help you spread the word.


How do I reserve a conference room?

The Alliance Center’s conference rooms are free of charge for all tenants. These rooms can be reserved in advance via The Alliance Center’s meeting room reservation system. In absence of a reservation, rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. To make a reservation, view your Google calendar—each conference room has an individual calendar that should be visible and shared with your calendar. If you do not have access to the calendars, please contact facilities@thealliancecenter.org to let us know so that we can share the calendars with you. You are also able to make a reservation at the digital displays directly outside of your desired conference room.

What can I access with my keycard?

Each keycard is unique to each individual, so the keycard gives you access to the building entrances (which are unlocked only during business hours 7am–5pm), your organization’s suite, and the elevators and stairwell. The suites and stairwells are not accessible to anyone without a keycard.

How can I use the first floor cafe and large conference rooms?

Each tenant is provided a certain monetary allotment per year to use this space for free. Beyond that allotment, there is a discounted cost for use. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our Events team at events@thealliancecenter.org or you can submit an event space inquiry here.

How can my organization get a storage cage in the basement?

If you’d like additional storage, we can provide it!  We’ll simply add the storage space to your license agreement. Please contact facilities@thealliancecenter.org in order to start that discussion. Additional storage space is available in the common areas where the sinks and cabinets are. Please store things like personal cups/mugs or office supplies there.

Are the water fountains filtered?

No, they are not. This helps us stay less wasteful, especially since Denver Water already provides some of the cleanest water in the country!

Can I bring plants into my suite?

Yes, we love the look that incorporating nature into the built environment provides!

Where can I park my bike?

We have plenty of bike parking in the basement elevator lobby, the basement storage area, and the parking lot. Please use what we have, and don’t bring your bike into your suite unless all the parking options are filled.  Note: According to ADA regulations, you can’t lock your bike up to the ramp or walkway in front of the building.

Can I bring my own furniture into my suite?

Unfortunately, no.  We want to keep the building looking uniform with Teknion furniture and feel that we have planned for enough furniture for each tenant.  The amount of furniture in each suite is the best maximum amount that our architects designated for each space. However, if you do need additional bookshelves or cabinets, please let an Alliance staff member know, and we will do what we can to accommodate!

Can I hang things on the wall?

If you’d like to hang something on the drywall, please run it by an Alliance Center staff member first. Note: You can’t hang anything on the brick or the historic timbers.

What’s the temperature set to, and how do I control it after hours?

From 7am–5pm, Monday–Friday, the temperatures are set at 70–74 degrees in occupied suites. There are multiple zones serving conference rooms, private offices, and suites. Tenants have the ability to change the temperature within this range utilizing the thermostat in the vicinity. During after or weekend hours, the temperature remains off until a thermostat is manually changed. For after hours or weekend heating or cooling, or if you have any questions, please notify our staff at facilities@thealliancecenter.org.

What is my suite number?

Contact facilities@thealliancecenter.org for this information.Your suite number for mail may not match the floor your organization is on, so please be sure you know what your mailing address is before using it.

What can I recycle or compost vs throwing it away?

There are stations with three receptacles located throughout the building for waste diversion/disposal. The blue bins should not have any liners and are for mixed-stream recycling (paper, plastic, glass, and metal). The green bins with green liners are for all food and most paper products as well as compostable plastics. The black bins with clear liners are for landfill and should only be used for gum, candy wrappers, and weird plastics that are not recyclable (although be sure to check to see if they can be recycled in our hard-to-recycle station on the first floor). In the hard-to-recycle station, you can recycle many things that would otherwise go to the landfill, including dog and cat food bags, foil lined wrappers, empty beauty products, aerosol containers, etc.

What are the parking options?

There are a limited number of Monthly parking spaces available. If you anticipate driving daily and would like to be placed on the wait list for Monthly parking, please notify facilities@thealliancecenter.org. If you need to drive infrequently, there are a limited number of parking spaces in the lot adjacent to the building that are reserved for Guest parking. Guest parking is available on a first come basis at $3/hour or $12/day. To pay, please download the Pay By Phone app and use our location number, 3563. If you have any questions, please ask an Alliance Center staff member.


We can help you at any time! Please contact us for any forms you might need or questions in general. Until then, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next tenant happy hour or community event!