Focused on the holistic model of sustainability, we are building a pipeline of employment for communities who have traditionally been left out of the environmental movement. Along with our partners, we help Sustainability Skills Initiative (SSI) participants gain essential professional experience and skills to set them apart from others in the environmental field. Together, we’re helping grow the next wave of sustainability leaders so it’s more representative of the diverse communities of Colorado.

how it works

We ensure our Sustainability Skills Initiative participants develop professional skillsets that will help them stand out and succeed in the sustainability field. This is accomplished through hands-on projects and by engaging participants in real world work at The Alliance Center and in the greater Colorado environmental community. Work areas have included:

  • Web design
  • Promoting diversity, equity, equality and inclusion (DEEI)
  • Waste audits
  • Policy analysis
  • Elevating DEEI in the workforce
  • Social media management
  • Content curation
  • Blog post creation
  • Interviews
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Literature research

Intern Profiles

Since 2019, The Alliance Center has hosted multiple cohorts of interns who are passionate about sustainability. During these internships, participants expand their professional skills so they stand out as professionals in the environmental field. Explore each of our interns’ profiles and how they’ve contributed to The Alliance Center’s sustainability work by clicking on their images below.

2021 Participants

Hira Baig

Daniela Espinosa

Ah’Shaiyah Mitchell

A woman with dark hair wearing a black blouse smiles at the camera against a gray brick wall.

Grace Oh-Willeke

Nasiftu Yusuf

Christina Zhang

2020 Participants

Jennalee Casias

Woman with black hair wearing a black blouse smiles a camera against a red brick wall

Esperanza Chairez Uriarte

Devani Dominguez

Maria Reyes

Kavitya Sarma

Rachel Vigil

Kristin Mason


“Throughout my internship, I was pleasantly surprised by the great community The Alliance Center has cultivated. I received support, encouragement and feedback that allowed me to succeed and develop as a young professional. The work The Alliance Center leads is inspiring and has been massively influential to my future aspirations. At the Alliance, I realized the importance of building inclusive communities to advance growth and change in my community and learned how to do so.”

—Kavitya Sarma, Programs Intern 2020

“My summer internship at The Alliance Center has given me the opportunity to see so much more about the sustainability field than I am able to learn in a classroom. Presenting a proposal to the team was a new challenge for me and stimulated important conversations about diversity and inclusion. Being a part of the Emergence Series opened my eyes to how we can only effectively address our most pressing environmental and social justice needs through collaboration. Not only have I been able to expand my skill set, but I have also strengthened the skills I possessed coming into this position by further exploring the role of a mentor while working with high school interns.”

—Maria Reyes, Programs Intern 2020

Interning at The Alliance Center this past summer has been a truly enriching experience. My work at The Alliance Center has allowed me to view sustainability from a whole new perspective, something that will carry me through my future endeavors in the field. I was encouraged by the dedication and support from the team at The Alliance Center, which allowed me to enhance my skillset and further advance my own professional development. I have developed a new appreciation for the work that non-profit organizations and groups like The Alliance Center do to make communities more equitable, fair and sustainable for everyone.”

—Daniela Espinosa, Programs Intern 2021

My internship with the Alliance Center this summer has shown me how to take achievable, concrete steps to prioritize diversity in a sustainability setting. I have learned so much about the intricacies of approaching sustainability on a larger, statewide scale, and being part of the Sustainability Skills Initiative provided me experience in a diverse array of skills from web design to networking to leadership. I now understand how to better utilize my abilities in meaningful diversity and environmental related issues. Throughout my time here, the Alliance Center team has been so welcoming and supportive, and my work with them has only heightened my passions within sustainability.”

—Christina Zang, DEEI Intern 2021

My internship at the Alliance Center exposed me to the inner workings of a nonprofit that has important projects in a wide variety of areas. The community and building here promote a collaborative and positive working environment, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Working on building certifications and documentation taught me a new skill set, with new terminology to match. The hybrid model worked really well with teaching me how an organization works both in its in-person building-focused aspects and its virtual meetings. Overall, I recommend the Alliance Center as a great location to learn about a nonprofit that does impactful work!”

—Hira Baig, Health and Wellness Intern 2021

My summer experience with The Alliance Center was exactly what I hoped it would be. During my research for the Regenerative Recovery Coalition, I learned just how intertwined issues of sustainability are with that of racial equity as well as rebuilding socially and economically from the Covid-19 pandemic. This internship has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the influence of sustainability work facilitated by the supportive community fostered by the Alliance. This experience has inspired me to ensure in future projects to foster communities of diverse perspectives that work together to tackle issues intersectionally.”

—Ah’Shaiyah Mitchell, Programs Intern 2021


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Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Sustainability Skills Initiative program.