The Alliance Center has a long history of working to improve the wellbeing of anyone who walks through our doors, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of these efforts. The health and safety of our tenants and visitors is, and always has been, our top priority. Below you can see some of the ways we’ve adapted to keep our tenants and visitors safe, connected and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also find our COVID-19-related frequently asked questions page here.


We’ve added several new additions throughout the building to reduce high-touch areas and prevent the spread of disease including:

  • Plexiglass sneeze guards at every desk that faces another individual or an open area such as a receptionist.
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser on each floor and at each of the building entrances.
  • Handsfree door openers installed in restrooms.
  • Touchless soap dispensers in all of our restrooms.
  • Directional signage throughout the building.
  • Office space doors remain open.
  • Touchless front door access.

The Alliance Center is, and always has been, a healthy and safe location to hold meetings and events. We go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of our community. We’ve adapted how we host events in various ways including:

  • Offering virtual event consulting from our skilled and knowledgable event staff.
  • Reducing the capacity of each of our event spaces per the City of Denver’s current restrictions.
  • Implementing additional health and safety measures and procedures throughout the building to ensure the safest possible environment for in-person events. (See above section.)
Continental Divide Room - standing reception
Sustainability Center - Standing Reception


The Alliance Center has focused on air quality for the health and productivity of our tenants and visitors long before the pandemic. Many of our approaches that were already in place are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Some of our efforts include:

  • Monitoring air quality: We have evaluated the building’s carbon dioxide and other air quality levels since 2015 and adjust the amount of fresh air accordingly. Our facility’s carbon dioxide and total volatile organic compounds levels vastly exceed regional and global standards for air quality.

  • Maximizing fresh air: We have implemented a full building “flush” to begin every work day starting at 6 a.m. This flush will provide 100 percent outdoor air into the building for a period of two hours and remove all recirculated air from the day before. After this flush, our HVAC system includes an economizer setting to maximize outdoor air whenever possible based on outdoor temperatures.

  • High filtration levels: We use MERV 13 air filters, which are the highest rated filters that are available and used in commercial buildings.

Want additional information on how we’re protecting our community through the pandemic?