The Alliance Center’s Living Lab program pilots innovative sustainability solutions using our building as a demonstration site. We operate our building at the highest levels of performance for our occupants and the environment. Because of the urgency of the climate crisis and the building sector’s impact on both the environment and human health, we are motivated to go above and beyond. 


For new commercial building solutions to spread at the pace and scale today’s challenges require, real-world demonstrations are needed to remove barriers and enable others to follow in the risk-adverse commercial building sector. The Alliance Center is well positioned to serve as the leading demonstration site in the building sector for many reasons including:

  • Easily accessible location in downtown Denver

  • Robust existing energy metering infrastructure

  • Holistic approach to building performance, resource consumption & occupant comfort

  • Motivated owner/operator | Can move projects quickly

  • Relationships with industry influencers

  • Variety of building uses: Office space, coffee shop, EV charging station

  • Building industry leader, particularly in facility operations

  • Building size representative of 90% of US commercial buildings| less than 50,000 sq ft

  • Diverse tenant community: Dozens of organizations


The Alliance Center is open to exploring any technology or approach with the potential of dramatically reducing the commercial building sector’s negative impact.  We engage in two types of projects:


where success is measured by the lessons learned and how effectively those lessons are shared.


where individual companies test specific technologies or approaches in need of validation to accelerate their path to the wider commercial building market.


The Alliance Center is currently focused on solutions that increase the spread of clean energy sources or health and wellness impacts for the occupants of our building. 

Car charging at a Fermata Energy station

We have installed a Fermata Energy Vehicle to Building (V2B) system at The Alliance Center. Fermata Energy’s bidirectional EV charging system allows our dedicated Nissan LEAF from Colorado Carshare to transfer energy from the battery back to our commercial building in order to support our electric loads — all while reducing costs.

Car charging at a Fermata Energy station

We are collaborating with Gensler to understand work trends following the COVID-19 pandemic and how buildings must adapt in response. Gensler provided a performance index survey assessing our tenants’ current and future needs. These results will provide valuable information to help The Alliance Center stay ahead of trends and guide our return to office strategies.

Car charging at a Fermata Energy station

The Alliance Center has installed air quality monitors throughout our building in collaboration with our partners Kaiterra and BranchPattern. Together, we are working to research and measure occupant perception of indoor air quality (IAQ) and track performance over time to find opportunities to continue to improve IAQ.

The Alliance Center building exterior

In 2021 The Alliance Center earned the WELL Health-Safety rating– a new certification that was created in response to the COVID outbreak. This rating shows that our building has passed the rigorous review process and adheres to high standards for occupant health and wellness. Our policies and operations help employees, tenants and guests feel safe at our building.

The Alliance Center building exterior

We are exploring a partnership with the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) to serve as a testing and demonstration site for companies in need of a product testing and demonstration location. We are specifically in conversations with a company looking for a field test for their solar harvesting window.

Direct current microgrid on The Alliance Center roof

Our existing Direct Current Microgrid project is quantifying the potential savings created from direct current microgrids and direct current distribution. We are also actively exploring additional research and demonstration needs involving microgrids and/or distributed energy storage.


The Alliance Center focuses on the the intersection of utility carbon reduction targets, electric vehicles and building technologies. We look at ways buildings can be a conduit between EVs and the utility while also reducing building energy costs. Also, we’re  interested in quantifying the health and/or productivity benefits of various building interventions such as air quality, space design or occupant engagement strategies. 


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Our team has years of experience operating a collaborative shared space at the highest levels of performance. We have advised partners in the various areas included below. Email us at if you are interested in discussing a potential consulting engagement!

  • LEED O+M and Arc project evaluation

  • Janitorial assessments

  • Zero waste initiatives

  • Shared space design and tenant engagement

  • Green event support

  • Financial modeling

Have a project you’d like to test in our Living Laboratory or want to learn more?