The time to act on climate change is now. Through this impact area we are driving action to help Colorado reach and exceed its greenhouse gas reduction goals. Together we can protect our planet, grow our economy, and create healthy and equitable environments for ourselves and our children.

To drive action for the environment, we focus on three main strategies: environmental education, stakeholder engagement, and convening grass-tops leaders.

Educational Events

Our public events highlight how climate change is connected to all aspects of our lives. From our children’s health, to affordable food, to untapped economic opportunities, climate change impacts everything. This series, which is presented in both English and Spanish, is designed to raise awareness of the disproportionate risk that climate-vulnerable communities face in Colorado. Each event features a call to action for attendees, with simple tools and tips for decreasing our carbon emissions. We are tracking these actions through social media (#allianceforclimateaction) and follow-up surveys.

Stakeholder Engagement

As part of our stakeholder engagement strategy, we are bringing people together to tackle climate-related issues and policies. In collaboration with our partners, we are collecting stories from those who are the most impacted by climate change in Colorado. Our intention is to lift up the voices of marginalized communities and individuals in our state and to show how climate change is affecting communities at the local level. We are tapping into our network of community and business leaders, leaders from under-represented communities, climate experts and advocates to form working groups across the state to create local climate action solutions.

Convening Grass-Tops Leaders

State and local governments have proven extremely powerful when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To help these local leaders tackle the challenges of climate change, we provide tools, resources, and the opportunity to network with local experts to develop climate plans. As this initiative evolves, we are recording our process and sharing lessons. As part of this process, we are developing a Climate Equity toolkit for how to design and implement a climate action plan at the municipal level. This toolkit that is grounded on participatory and equitable approaches and is designed to accelerate greenhouse gas reductions, build capacity at the local level, and support local leadership on climate action planning.