Studies indicate that approximately half of Americans believe that climate change will not affect them personally, or perceive it as a distant problem. It is very difficult to act on climate change and create policies and programs to counteract it if it is not perceived as a problem right now.  

Climate + is a series (events, fact sheets and short videos) that connect climate change to priorities in people’s lives, ranging from health, water, transportation access, food, national security, safety, affordable housing, etc. We will empower people in Colorado to talk about climate change by sharing the climate conversation in relatable terms. The series will be based on data and stories from diverse stakeholders in our state. We hope that when people see how they are actually affected, they will understand the need to become agents of change.

Our Climate + series will

  • Create awareness (empower people to talk about climate change)
  • Inspire impact (behavioral change, informed decisions)
  • Influence policy developments and planning processes (put the climate change agenda in the priority list)

Educational Events

Our public events highlight how climate change is connected to all aspects of our lives. From our children’s health, to affordable food, to untapped economic opportunities, climate change impacts everything. Each event features a call to action for attendees, with simple tools and tips for decreasing our carbon emissions. We are tracking these actions through social media (#allianceforclimateaction) and follow-up surveys.

Stakeholder Engagement

As part of our stakeholder engagement strategy, we bring together local leaders, community members and innovators across various sectors and geographic areas to brainstorm practical solutions to our environmental concerns and showcase ideas that can be scaled and replicated. Our goal is to develop a network of leaders from the private sector, public sector, and nonprofits to explore how to engage with each other to develop partnerships and effective collaboration that could develop policies, programs, and initiatives in our state to create local climate action solutions.

We bring government and community together to have important conversations to push the climate agenda forward. Over the past three years, we have been working with the City and County of Denver in stakeholder engagement efforts to support Denver’s 2020 sustainability goals. We have also been working closely with Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment to support the implementation of the 80×50 climate action plan through monthly stakeholder meetings, in which key stakeholders and community leaders  provide feedback, leadership and direction to help the City of Denver reach it climate action goals.

Cutting-Edge Tools

We are developing a Climate Equity Toolkit, a visualization tool that brings together demographics, economics, equity, climate, and other indicators in a series of map layers to identify climate vulnerable communities across Colorado. This toolkit will be publicly available to help guide decision making at the government, business, non-profit, and community levels. It will support local leadership on climate action efforts, including community initiatives and climate planning.