Starting here in Colorado, we are partnering with local leaders to create a more just and fair political process that amplifies voices from diverse communities. This program focuses on creating a healthy, highly functional, accessible and inclusive democracy through political and non-political action.

To promote effective civic engagement, we focus on three main strategies: community listening, community education and strategic grass-tops collaboration.


The Alliance Center is launching a state wide collaborative initiative in 2018. In partnership with a broad cross section of academic, non-profit, governmental, and for-profit businesses, we are meeting with communities across the state to learn what values unite us as Coloradans. The ultimate goal is to bridge the divide between our urban and rural communities through collaborative, values-based projects that can increase economic viability and quality of life for people across the state.


We are hosting a series of educational events throughout the year to inspire collective civic duty. Each event features a call to action for attendees, with simple tools and tips for better understanding how our government works, and how we can make real, positive change. We are tracking these actions through social media (#allianceforthefuture) and follow-up surveys.

Strategic Grass-Tops Collaboration

The Alliance Center convenes a diverse stakeholder group to drive civic action across our beautiful state. This nonpartisan working group identifies the largest threats towards our civil society in Colorado and develops collective strategies to address them. Our current focus is bridging the divide between our urban and rural communities.