Our mission is to create a sustainable world now and into the future. A sustainable world is made of healthy environments, thriving economies, and engaged communities. Learn more about how these three pillars of sustainability inform our mission.

The Problem

The challenges associated with our changing climate affect much more than melting glaciers and starving polar bears. Because of our global industrial practices, our children’s health, our food supply, and our national and global economies are under threat. Although these challenges will affect everyone, they will disproportionately affect those who are most vulnerable to climate impacts, including low-income communities living in polluted areas, people in rural communities, women, children, and the elderly.

We are a state, a nation, and a globe divided. Divided between haves and have nots, between right and left, between urbanites and rural dwellers. Inequality, racism and tribalism are rampant across the globe, while overall quality of life is decreasing. Because of these divides many of us perceive our own struggles as separate and more important than others.

To solve these problems, we need to reach across our social, cultural, and political differences. We must recognize that we are all reliant on our fragile environment and dependent on one another’s well-being to advance our delicate, resilient and compassionate human race.

Our Solution

At the Alliance Center, we are building a network of nonprofit, for-profit, governmental, and individual leaders working together to scale up the sustainability movement, and we are leading the charge with cutting-edge approaches, tools and resources to help our community move from insights to action. From a climate equity toolkit to identify climate vulnerable communities in our state, to an impact assessment tool to help businesses measure social and environmental impact, the Alliance Center is bringing resources to support a sustainable future for all Coloradans. Read below to find out more!

Climate +

The time to act on climate change is now. Through this program, The Alliance Center is driving action to help Colorado reach and exceed its greenhouse gas reduction goal of 26 percent by 2025 off a 2005 baseline.  We focus on these strategies: environmental education, stakeholder engagement, and development of cutting-edge tools for decision making.

Best for Colorado

This program helps Colorado businesses measure and increase their environmental and social impact. After businesses take an online assessment, we provide resources, education, consulting and support so that the businesses can improve social impact and decrease environmental impact without affecting the bottom line. We are helping all businesses no matter where they are in their journey towards becoming more social and environmentally responsible.

Civics in Action

Starting here in Colorado, we are partnering with local leaders to create a more just and fair political process that amplifies voices from diverse communities. This program focuses on creating a healthy, highly functional, accessible and inclusive democracy through political and non-political action. To promote effective civic engagement, we focus on education and stakeholder engagement.