The Commit to Action Campaign is a free resource of suggested actions to help you implement socially and environmentally responsible business practices. You can join the campaign by assessing your practices through the Business Impact Assessment or by committing to four actions in democracy,community or environment to be a better business. Keep scrolling to learn more and join the campaign!

Commit to Action Campaign

Use your business as a force for good.
Commit to at least four of the following actions and
become a Best for Colorado company today!

2Company Information


Corporate citizenship is the notion that business can play a political roll to promote societal wellbeing in addition to supporting a strong economy. As the role of companies in the global economy continues to evolve, collaboration and communication between the public and private sector is increasingly important to initiate true, impactful change for the future.

Voter Registration


SDG 17

Corporate Citizenship

SDG 13 & 17

Policy Advocacy for Social and Environmental Standards

SDG 17

Census Promotion

SDG 16


Aligning community engagement with business goals has a positive impact on company culture and employee involvement in by encouraging colleagues to work together for a greater good. Company service days and commitments to support the surrounding community through inclusive hiring practices, local supplier preference policies and providing employees with living wages are all ways to create meaningful ties to the local community while strengthening the economy throughout Colorado.

Supply Chain

Community Service


SDG 10

Inclusive Hiring Practices

SDG 10 & 16

Impactful Banking Services


Environmental stewardship is not solely a matter of ethics, it’s good business. Employee retention, customer loyalty, reductions in operating costs and risk aversion are many of the benefits companies experience from integrating green technologies and practices into everyday business operations. In the following commitments, you will find actions related to waste and water management, energy efficiency, GHG emissions reduction targets and responsible supply chain practices. Whether you are ready to take on five commitments or just want to start with one, Best for Colorado can help you create an impact strategy designed to meet you where you’re at.

Renewable Energy Usage


Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions

SDG 13

Reduce Impact of Commuting

SDG 11

Environmental Management

SDG 6 & 7
Select an area of environmental management:


Business Impact Assessment

The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is B Lab's tool companies can use to measure impact on workers, community, environment and customers. Compare your answers to thousands of other businesses and see how you stack up. The BIA will walk you through a series of questions to walk you through to learn what it takes to build a better business.


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