The Alliance Center is committed to ensuring Colorado builds forward from the pandemic towards a regenerative economy that works for everyone. That’s why we created the Regenerative Recovery Coalition. The Coalition is a collaboration of nonprofits, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and individuals boldly working together to create a better future for all Coloradans.


Our focus is to ensure that Colorado emerges from COVID toward a regenerative economy, not back to what was previously considered normal. A regenerative economy is a robust localized system that meets human needs abundantly while equitably providing clean air, water, food and energy. It is a recovery that will create shared prosperity on a healthy planet, starting right here in Colorado. It will also serve as a model beyond our state’s borders.

A regenerative recovery and economy will create shared prosperity on a healthy planet. It engages Coloradans to craft the future that they want. This will enable all Coloradans to share in prosperity as we create the future that we want. It creates good-paying jobs doing the work that is needed to transition to renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, a growing outdoor industry, providing arts and culture and high-technology entrepreneuring. Even before the pandemic, these were the growing sectors of Colorado’s economy.

We are a group of change agents from diverse backgrounds and sectors who are united around a common understanding that we cannot simply go back to normal following the pandemic. The Coalition represents hundreds of citizens, experts, nonprofits, communities and businesses who will work together to prioritize equity and sustainability as Colorado recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

The Coalition is organized around the eight fundamentals of a regenerative recovery as outlined in A Guide to a Regenerative Recovery. Working groups have been established based on the eight fundamentals and are accelerating the transition to a regenerative economy through their focus areas and pilot projects.

The members of the Coalition collaborate in working groups that focus on the primary areas required to make a regenerative future a reality. This is where the action within the Regenerative Recovery Coalition takes place! We currently have four active working groups:

  1. Climate Change and Energy
  2. Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems
  3. Workforce Development
  4. Regenerative Business

We recognize that we have an obligation to design an economy that solves past problems as it sets the state on a course to a finer future for all. We are the only group in the state—and, to our knowledge, in the country—taking this approach to build forward from the pandemic.

We are not a single issue group.  The state’s recovery requires addressing every aspect of the economy and our society. This place-based, systems approach is unique, but the model is highly replicable.

The Coalition provides the backbone infrastructure to connect our members across Colorado, break down silos and scale collective impact.

The old normal was broken—fraught with inequities and degenerative practices. The tipping point at which we stand calls for urgent action to harness the potential of a regenerative future. Billions of dollars will be spent in the coming months and years to rebuild our economy. We must ensure these funds are spent wisely. It’s time for citizens to share their visions and craft the communities in which we want to live.

The Coalition drives actions in three main ways:

  1. Working with key influencers and decision makers in Colorado.
  2. Uplift the voices and accelerating the work of our members.
  3. Identifying gaps to a regenerative recovery and implementing projects to accelerate the needed transformation.

Check out the Coalition homepage for an up-to-date timeline of the Coalition’s accomplishments!

As Colorado receives billions of dollars during this one-time infusion, it is urgent that the money be used to create the future we want. 

Our state has been embracing a better future, moving from the degenerative economy of the past to one that regenerates people and nature. The transition won’t be easy. Climate change inflicts fires and floods on our mountain state. Extreme weather challenges farmers and ranchers. Underrepresented populations struggle against inequality, bad air and polluted water. COVID-19 worsened all this, striking Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities the hardest. It is urgent that we fix the results of the broken economy of the past as we build toward a vision of a world that works for everyone.

The Regenerative Recovery Coalition was born out of the obligation to accelerate the transition to a regenerative and equitable future. The Alliance Center exists to bring people together to solve environmental and social problems. Through this work, we are leveraging our strength as a convener and mobilizing our diverse network of change agents to create a finer future.

  • We value thriving people in healthy communities.
  • We value intact ecosystems that provide the services we need abundantly.
  • We believe that for too long the voices, values, bodies and priorities of BIPOC peoples have been devalued and systematically oppressed.
  • We believe that equity must be at the center of all we do.
  • We value the shared voices of diverse change agents creating a better for ALL!
  • We believe that doing less bad is not enough. Together we must act to heal the wrongs of the past and build society forward, seeking harmony with nature and each other.
  • We believe the natural world should be respected, restored and honored rather than exploited and commoditized.
  • We have a propensity to action and realize that at times we must move at the speed of trust.
  • We believe that clean air, water and  energy, education, healthcare, healthy food and shelter are human rights.
  • We work to create systems of equity in which all can thrive.
  • Our work is creating shared prosperity on a healthy planet!
  1. Transition rapidly to renewable, distributive, reliable energy 
  2. Strengthen and increase our regenerative food system
  3. Provide equitable access and opportunities
  4. Build the industries and the workforce of the future
  5. Invest in natural and built infrastructure
  6. Build Colorado’s circular economy
  7. Preserve and strengthen democratic institutions
  8. Leverage diverse partnerships to demonstrate regeneration in action

For details on specific projects proposed by the working groups, view our Project Recommendations for Colorado Stimulus Disbursement.

Outreach and Recruit

We recruit organizations and individuals that are diverse, representative of Colorado and aligned in the vision of a regenerative recovery of our state. 

Convene and Execute

We gather in focused working groups to innovate ideas, amplify progress through stakeholder engagement and remove barriers to success.


We foster peer-to-peer education and member-shared resources to accelerate action. 


We mobilize citizens, experts, organizations and businesses to accelerate a sustainable and equitable economy. 


Using A Guide to a Regenerative Recovery as a roadmap, we identify key projects for the Coalition working groups to implement to accelerate a regenerative recovery. The best projects cross-pollinate several working groups united around a common outcome. 


This system and place based approach is unique, but the model is highly replicable. Our vision is to facilitate the creation of a Regenerative Recover Coalition in every state, coordinating with each other, sharing best practices, lessons learned and ushering in a finer future.

Vast amounts of money will be spent in the coming months and years. The Coalition’s task is to ensure the funds go to projects that are rooted in equity and sustainability. Success will take various forms from policy at the state and federal level in support of the regenerative principles, to projects in local communities focusing on increasing air quality, eliminating food waste, implementing renewable energy and delivering workforce development. 

Our first metric of success is getting the commitment of the state to direct stimulus money to the healing of communities shattered in the pandemic, transition to renewable energy, shift to regenerative agriculture and implement the infrastructure necessary for a vibrant state economy. Hundreds of specific solutions were outlined in the A Guide to a Regenerative Recovery.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are happy to answer any other questions you may have about the Regenerative Recovery Coalition or the process of joining.