Returning to “normal” following the pandemic is simply not an option. We are in need of a community of solutions to enable Colorado to build back better. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we invite you to work with us to find them on this journey towards establishing a future we collectively envision.

The Regenerative Recovery Coalition is the first outcome of the Colorado Emergence Series- an effort to craft a regenerative recovery from the COVID crisis. The coalition will implement the ideas and strategies generated by the series, working with one another and everyone in Colorado who wants a recovery that is regenerative for our beloved state. You can join the coalition by filling out the short form below! 


The tragedies stemming from the COVID-19 crisis are the first of a series of generational issues we must confront, from global loss of biodiversity to inequalities of our economic system to the climate crisis. The pandemic is simultaneously creating a global pause and accelerated action. As many of us shelter in place, trillions of dollars are being allocated with the goal of returning to “normal”. How they are spent will determine our collective future.

We have an obligation to emerge from this pandemic in a way that helps solve the other looming crises. How would a wise society equitably deliver the things we all need such as energy, food, water, housing, health care, transportation and sanitation? Humanity is on the verge of a great transformation, and it is imperative we alter our current trajectory and create the future we want and need.


In partnership with Natural Capitalism Solutions, Greener Solutions and the Polis Administration, The Alliance Center is leading the Colorado Emergence Series. The series aims to enable our state to recover from this current crisis and rebuild with resilience in ways that ensure equity and prepare us for any future crises. The Emergence Series will assist Colorado’s state government to leverage this unprecedented rapid rate of change to create pragmatic, community-based solutions that can be replicated and scaled.  This work will take place between May and July of 2020. Topics and dates include:

May 14: Climate Change and Energy

May 28: Food Systems/Agriculture and Water

June 10: Democracy

June 23: Economy and Workforce Development

July 9: Infrastructure and Transportation

July 21: Synthesis of the Series

By joining the Regenerative Recovery Coalition, we ask that you commit to three (or more) of the following actions:

  1. Join lobby days (based on your availability) to testify and speak with state legislators to advocate for a regenerative recovery.
  2. Join roundtables with the coalition and members of the state administration to determine the key actions and strategies for the regenerative recovery.
  3. As appropriate, engage in the implementation of the regenerative recovery where they align with your organization’s scope of work. 
  4. Share the work of the coalition with your network and stakeholders. 
  5. Share the solutions and best practices your organization is working on to amplify a regenerative recovery.
  6. Agree to support the final report and recommendations in the Colorado Emergence Series Report.  

Additionally, we ask you agree to the following:

  1. Provide The Alliance Center your logo and permission to be listed publicly in the coalition.
  2. Provide The Alliance Center your average annual revenue (based on past three-year average) and the number of employees you have (past three-year average). *Note* These numbers will never be shared and only used to show the aggregate economic power behind the coalition.

Want to have a resounding impact on Colorado’s future?