The tragedies stemming from the COVID-19 crisis are the first of a series of generational issues we must confront, from global loss of biodiversity to inequalities of our economic system to the climate crisis. While many are focusing on how we can return to the way things were, The Alliance Center realizes there can be no return to what was considered “normal.”

We have an obligation to build Colorado forward towards a regenerative economy. An economy that will meet human needs abundantly and equitably provide clean air, water, energy and food to everyone. No single organization could do this alone, so we formed the Regenerative Recovery Coalition. The Coalition is a collaboration of nonprofits, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and individuals boldly working together to build Colorado towards a regenerative economy.


A regenerative recovery is one that will build a robust, localized economy that meets human needs abundantly and equitably provides clean water, air, energy and food. We’ve identified eight fundamentals for accomplish such a recovery:

The global energy system is the prime driver of climate change. To solve the climate crisis, it is urgent that we transition to renewable energy production combined with efficient use of energy. Working with the state of Colorado, the coalition’s goal is to decarbonize the state’s economy by 2030, considerably earlier than the 2050 date listed in the state documents.

COVID-19 made the fragile and inequitable nature of our food system transparent. Human health and environmental health are linked. State policies must promote regenerative farming styles and methods that restore health and vibrancy to the ecosystem. We must ensure that such methods have direct (or equal) market access.

The health impacts of COVID-19 are felt disproportionately by Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. A regenerative economy is founded on a commitment to address and remove systemic barriers. It establishes the conditions to achieve shared prosperity and provides opportunities for all voices to be heard and participate in decision making.

Colorado is an entrepreneurial birthplace, known for creating niche markets like hemp and CBD that go on to lead the nation. The shift to clean technology, arts and culture, regenerative agriculture and the other job creation engines offers Colorado the chance to create a more inclusive, resilient life for all. In the wake of COVID-19, the state should invest in the industries of the future, not those of the past.

The presence of properly located and maintained roads, bridges, airports, rail lines, broadband, power grids, sanitation and buildings are critical to a healthy economy. Even more important is our natural infrastructure, including intact ecosystems that provide our life support systems (air to breathe, water to drink, fertile soil to grow our food and climate stability). These underpin all life and all economic activity.

A circular economy is based on reclaiming raw materials that were used to create products and returning them to usefulness, keeping them from being discarded. The coalition will focus on creating jobs through supporting enterprises like recycling entrepreneurs and material end-markets in Colorado.

A regenerative recovery must protect and strengthen our democratic institutions, as well as revitalize active and inclusive civic engagement. Institutions have historically blocked access to BIPOC, resulting in systemic oppression. A regenerative recovery must prioritize access, voice and equitable opportunity to all communities, especially BIPOC.

The coalition members include representatives of for-profits, nonprofits, media, academia, state and local governments and individual citizens. The coalition will seek partnerships and collaboration across diverse boundaries. Making it happen will also take creative approaches to funding and supporting these efforts.


The Coalition embodies the foundational principles of a regenerative recovery outlined in A Guide to a Regenerative Recovery. We drive action in three main ways:

  1. Working with key influencers and decision makers in Colorado
  2. Uplifting the voices and accelerating the work of our members 
  3. Identifying gaps to a regenerative recovery and implementing projects to accelerate the needed transformation

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names around to get it done, from the Polis Administration, leadership of both the Colorado House and Senate, Natural Capitalism Solutions, Greener Solutions and thought leaders from across the state.







Coalition members work within these working groups to make a regenerative recovery possible:






Tom Abood

Angelica Alexander

Madeline Allen

Sam Allen

Laila Amerman

Benu Amun-Ra

Corinne Anderson

Rebecca Andruszka

Laura Anthony

Quinn Antus

Kristin Ashworth Fanch

Linda Baggus

Jesse Barlow

Annie Beall

Shannon Bean Scalise

Marguerite Behringer

Ted Bellinger

Jenise Bermudez

Sarah Bexell

Spencer Black

Katy Casper

Nancy Clanton

Kim Coupounas

Richard Cunningham

Rosie Davies

Eric Dec

Coralie Dorville

Bob Doyle

Keely Downs

Bob Doyle

Elizabeth Drachenberg

Kyle Elliott

Morgan Ferris

Kirk Foyle

Magenta Freeman

David Fridland

Aidan Friesen

Chris Funk

Dave Gajadhar

Alexander Garland

Soleil Gaylord

Leslie Glustrom

Gabi Graves

Spencer Green

Laura Hall

Marguerite Harden

Alyssa Harding

Matthew Harris

Scott Hatfield

Nathan Havey

John Hersey

Hannah Hintz

Miles Hoffman

Chad Hunter

Lynn Israel

Angelica Jessamyn

Lisa Jarvi

Sarah Jones

Pete Josetti

Katherine Keegan

Patricia Kelley

Gerard Kelly

Bethany Koch

Jason Knoll

Tommy Latousek

Jodi Lundin

Winna MacLaren

Joan May

Vanessa McFarlane

Kate Manzer

Sarah Martinez

Joe Matta

John-Paul Maxfield

Conor J. May

Lyric McKnight

Adam Meltzer

Anne Miller

Vaughn Miller

Josh Molyneux

Betsy Moszeter

Toni Nading

Jill Nelson

Jeff Neuman-Lee

Galina Nicoll

Megan O’Grady

Tim Ohno

Christian O’Rourke

Mark Orrs

Wanda Osterman

Cameron Patterson

Hannah Paul

Barry Peters

Josie Plaut

Neil Pollard

Susan Renaud

Thomas Riggle

Theresa Rinne-Meyers

Liddy Romero

Nancy Rosenberg

Molly Ross

Maria Rotunda

Elisa Sabatini

Pamela Scharf

Malcolm Schluenderfritz

Steve Schueth

Chandra Seibert

Jason Sharpe

Mariah Shell

Sam Shriver

Chantae Shor

Lodi Siefer

Janna Six

Robert Smariga

Cheryl Spector

John Steiner

Sean Sternberg

Steve Stevens

Linda Stopp

Emily Swallow

David Takahashi

Sharon Tinianow

Bob Tipton

Kaylynn Tkachev

Bridger Tomlin

Tara Tull

Kristen Turnbull

Laura Valle Gutierrez

Hallie Venaglia

Marie Venner

Robbie Vitrano

Jonathan Wachtel

Matt Wallenstein

Elaine Walsh Carney

Erika Washburn

Julia Weigel

Peter Welles

Julia Weigel

Julia Winton

Quintin Yates

Jongeun You


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