Humanity is on the verge of a great transformation. As we rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, we must not reproduce the same systems that prioritize profit over people, Wall Street over Main Street and politics over equity. We cannot equitably address climate change or rebuild with resilience until we strengthen and engage in our democracy. The connection between civic engagement and climate solutions must be clear and actionable.

The Alliance is convening our vast network to enable all Coloradans to fight climate change, strengthen democracy, advance equity, build Colorado forward and create a regenerative economy.

The Coalition is a collaboration of nonprofits, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and individuals boldly working together to build Colorado forward towards a regenerative economy; creating shared prosperity on a healthy planet.

An overhead shot of people with varying skin tones standing in a circle, extending their arms and piling their hands on top of each other with the text "Sustainability Skills Initiative" overlaid on top of the image.

Our Sustainability Skills Initiative is creating a pipeline of employment for groups who have traditionally been left out of the sustainability movement. Through projects, skills training and real world experience, we’re helping emerging BIPOC leaders not only thrive in the environmental field but lead it!