Humanity is on the verge of a great transformation. As we rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, we must not reproduce the same systems that prioritize profit over people, Wall Street over Main Street and politics over equity. We cannot equitably address climate change or rebuild with resilience until we strengthen and engage in our democracy. The connection between civic engagement and climate solutions must be clear and actionable.

The Alliance is convening our vast network to enable all Coloradans to fight climate change, strengthen democracy, advance equity and build back better through civic engagement.


In response to the pandemic we are adapting our programming to reflect the needs of our current reality. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, countless environmental regulations have been rolled back, polluters are left to regulate themselves and our economy is in crisis. Our democracy hangs in the balance as voting rights and public safety are pitted against one another. The following strategies empower voters, advance a green economy, strengthen our democracy and build a more resilient and equitable Colorado:

These interviews pair emerging climate leaders with veteran climate activists to discuss their passions, share their challenges and envision a sustainable future. Interview topics align with the Colorado Emergence Series. Listen today!

The Alliance led a series of virtual meetings addressing topics including climate change, economy and more. A final report was generated for the Polis administration and partners highlighting top strategies and implementation plans.

This coalition is implementing the ideas and strategies included in the final report from the Emergence Series. The Alliance Center is leading this collaborative effort to build Colorado forward. Learn more and join the coalition!