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Our Collective Impact in 2022

There’s no doubt about it: 2022 was a strange year. Colorado continued to contend with the effects of the pandemic and climate change. The nation achieved historic climate legislation and faced another contentious Election Day. The world grappled with cost of living crises and the outbreak of a war that greatly changed the global energy […]

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The Case for a Just Transition

The Current State of Colorado’s Energy Economy Hi! My name is Jane Allen and I am the Assistant Director of Climate and Energy Resilience for the Regenerative Recovery Coalition, a program of The Alliance Center.  In 2021, the RRC’s Climate and Energy group researched gaps in the state’s climate agenda to determine where our group […]

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Our Equity Journey

A Letter from Our Executive Director Dear Alliance Center Community, At The Alliance Center, we believe that climate justice requires fighting for justice in all aspects of society. Every voice counts as we create a better future for people and our planet. Unfortunately, not every voice has been included in creating solutions. Conversations about climate change, often led […]

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Voting for Systems Level Change

Why Vote? The Alliance Center exists to bring people together to solve systemic problems. This often takes the form of powerful, cross-sector partnerships that drive innovative solutions. Through collaboration, we have influenced 44 state laws, revolutionized policy development, tested groundbreaking sustainable technology and amplified the work of hundreds of individuals and organizations striving to create […]

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Invest in Climate Solutions Through the Healthy Soils Challenge

Healthy Soils and the Climate Crisis Can we combat the climate crisis by paying more attention to… soil?  Yes, we can! Transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices is one of the most effective solutions to the climate crisis, and soil health is a key component of regenerative agriculture. By storing more carbon and retaining more water, […]

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The Inflation Reduction Act and Its Impact on the Climate Crisis

Last month, in a thrilling and unexpected move, the U.S. Congress successfully passed the Inflation Reduction Act. Although this bill addresses inflation, healthcare costs and more, it also happens to be the boldest and most comprehensive climate legislation in our country’s history.  But what, precisely, does this mean? Where does the bill succeed and where […]

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Crowdsourced Policy: A Coalition Innovation

In just two legislative sessions, the Regenerative Recovery Coalition has contributed to the passing of more than 40 new Colorado state laws. Together, these laws have directed almost a billion dollars in state funding toward regenerative projects! This volume and breadth of influence is nearly unparalleled. How does the Coalition affect legislation on everything from […]


Nature and Wildlife Photography with Jeanne Poling

We love featuring local art at The Alliance Center! In this blog, explore nature and wildlife photography with Jeanne Poling, whose prints will be on display in the upper levels of our building through September of 2022. Hello! My name is Jeanne Poling. I have been photographing most of my life. I entered my first […]

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Bills to Support for a Sustainable, Equitable Future

The Alliance Center’s Regenerative Recovery Coalition proudly endorses six new bills this legislative session! After influencing 20 new state laws in 2021, the momentum hasn’t stopped: the Coalition’s recommendations appear in five of the six new bills we support. To learn more, read the Coalition’s 2022 Policy Platform, an innovative, crowdsourced document representing the bold, […]