6 Ways to Network Yourself to a Colorado Sustainability Job

A large room with glass walls filled with people wearing lanyards and talking to each other in groups.

When up to 80 percent of jobs come from networking, it doesn’t feel like doing so is a choice. Networking doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) feel like a chore. It’s is a way to learn more about an industry or specific position AND build meaningful relationships. The following tips will help you network yourself to a Colorado sustainability job!

  1. Join a Professional Sustainability Group

One of the easiest ways to get started on your networking journey is to surround yourself with people in your industry of interest! While this can seem daunting, many organizations have groups to attract like-minded individuals. One of our favorite sustainability memberships is run by The Alliance Center. For between $25-100 a month, you get access to exclusive job boards, sustainability focused events and more. Facebook groups like Green Jobs Network and Women in Sustainability Colorado are other great options.

  1. Reach Out to Alums in Sustainability 

Networking is often made easier by an initial shared connection. College or high school alums can be great people to chat with to learn more about the sustainability field and careers. Look for people with a similar major or at organizations you’re interested in working at.

How do you find alumni? Ask your career center to help you—most career centers will help both current students and alums. LinkedIn is another way to find alumni in your geographic area and industry. Informational interviews allow you to learn more about industry trends, specific positions and areas to focus your professional development. As an added bonus, alumni will often share job postings that you may be interested in!

  1. Attend Sustainability Events and Talks

Attending sustainability events and talks can benefit you in multiple ways. First, the speaker and event attendees likely have similar interests. For example, folks at a solar talk likely have a personal or professional interest in the topic too. Chatting with attendees before and after event is an organic way to build meaningful personal relationships in sustainability. Secondly, the event will cover a topic you’re interested in. Attending relevant events allows you to stay updated on trends in the sustainability field.

Universities and nonprofits regularly host speakers and hold events. Look online for events in your area or increasingly popular virtual events. Here are a few great places to start: The Alliance Center, Best For Colorado Coffee Chats, Sierra Club Colorado.

  1. Get an Internship in the Sustainability Field

Doing is one of the best ways to learn. Internships allow you to work closely with professionals in the sustainability industry and develop your skillset. By working alongside staff at an organization, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the organization’s team culture and work. Depending on the program, you may work alongside peers with similar professional aspirations who can be great friends and resources. Sign up for The Alliance Center’s newsletter so you can stay in the know about various internships and Colorado sustainability jobs offered by their tenants.

  1. Volunteer

Volunteer at a locally focused sustainability organization in your area! Staff members often facilitate events so, you’ll get the chance to understand an organization’s culture and build personal relationships with like-minded individuals. They may also be able to connect you with other professionals in sustainability to help you find a Colorado sustainability job.

  1. Follow Sustainability Organizations on Social Media

Staying up to date on current trends in sustainability is a way to elevate your networking conversations and stay updated on job postings. Social media is an easy way to stay updated. Think about the kind of work that you’re interested in and find companies and organizations that align with that work. Here are a few organizations to get you started: The Alliance Center, Sierra Club Colorado, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Groundwork Denver, Conservation Colorado, Namasté Solar.


Let us know on Twitter (@thealliancecntr) which tips help you network to your first Colorado sustainability job.