New partnership combines electric carsharing with vehicle-to-grid technology 

White electric Colorado Carshare vehicle outside of The Alliance Center.

The Alliance Center and Colorado CarShare are paving the way for an innovative, substantial business opportunity through cross-sector collaboration that will also tackle climate challenges and maximize positive impacts for society.

Earlier this year, The Alliance Center announced it is embarking on a vehicle-to-building (V2B) project in collaboration with Fermata Energy, which will connect electric vehicles (EVs), grid electrification and building resiliency to combat climate change in a unique way. The inclusion of long-term partner Colorado CarShare strengthens this project by incorporating a team of experts in carsharing and reducing single occupancy vehicles on the road. As Colorado’s first and only nonprofit carsharing organization, Colorado CarShare brings knowledge and experience instrumental to the success of this collaborative effort. This opportunity allows The Alliance Center, Fermata Energy and Colorado CarShare to be at the forefront of V2B and EV technologies and is one of the first partnerships of its kind in the world combining carsharing and V2B to a building business model.

“It has long been a fundamental tenet of Colorado CarShare to serve our community in providing sustainable mobility solutions, including shared electric vehicles,” Colorado CarShare’s CEO Peter Krahenbuhl said. “We are excited to take this step forward in sustainability with The Alliance Center, and we expect this initiative to act as a catalyst for many more shared electric vehicle (V2B) charging stations in similar communities around Denver and beyond.” 

The shared electric vehicle will be available to The Alliance Center staff and occupants of the building along with the broader community. The electric vehicle’s battery will serve as a demand resource by providing power to The Alliance Center when it is parked. The car will also replace an estimated 9 to 13 individually-owned vehicles due to its carsharing model. This would be equivalent to the CO2 emissions equivalent to between 4,600 and 6,800 gallons of gasoline per year. 

“The inclusion of Colorado CarShare in our vehicle-to-building project is a tremendous advancement for the success and impact of this collaborative effort and our Living Laboratory program,” Chris Bowyer, director of building operations at The Alliance Center, said.  “By having this vehicle available to members of Colorado CarShare, as well as our staff and tenants, not only will this effort be able to reduce the building’s reliance on energy during high-cost demand events, but the community will be able to access a zero emission vehicle.”

The project showcases the collaborative approach of all parties involved and brings multiple paradigm-changing models together. As the future of vehicle-to-building and vehicle-to-grid opportunities progress, each member of this partnership is excited to continue this collaboration and share lessons learned. They are all interested in partnering with new groups on this effort and learning how it could benefit on a broad industry wide basis. 

Quick Facts

  • Alliance Center
      • The Alliance Center owns and operates a building constructed in 1908, which is held to 21st century sustainability standards. It was recently named the most energy efficient building in Lower Downtown Denver.
      • The Alliance Center’s Living Lab program utilizes the organization’s physical building in downtown Denver to pilot innovative solutions in the green building sector.
      • In partnership with Fermata Energy, The Alliance Center is installing its V2B charger in its parking lot in spring of 2021. 
  • Colorado CarShare
    • Colorado CarShare’s mission is to empower our community to live a car-free lifestyle and have a positive impact on our health, wealth, and shared environment. 
    • Colorado CarShare has been in operation since 1998 and currently operates a fleet of 50+ vehicles. They have a commitment to be the nation’s first all electric nonprofit carshare organization with the goal of accomplishing this by 2025. 
    • Colorado CarShare recently deployed seven electric carshare vehicles and the necessary charging infrastructure with the City and County of Denver in six under-resourced communities to improve local mobility options for residents. 

Available for comment

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  • Peter Krahenbuhl / Colorado CarShare / (720) 785-4858 /


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About The Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is a nonprofit focused on holistic sustainability with an event and collaborative working space in the heart of lower downtown Denver. We demonstrate sustainability in action and mobilize change agents to accelerate solutions. The Alliance Center is a model for innovative green building practices, collaborative working techniques and engaging educational programming—all designed to scale up the sustainability movement.

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About Colorado CarShare

Colorado CarShare is the state’s first, only – and one of the nation’s longest running – nonprofit carshare organizations. Our mission is to empower our community to live a car-free lifestyle and have a positive impact on our health, wealth, and shared environment. We aim to make Colorado a “cooler,” healthier, and more socially equitable place to live. This includes setting the goal to become the country’s first nonprofit Electric Vehicle (EV) carshare program, while providing subsidies to low-to-mixed income (LMI) communities that are typically underserved when it comes to affordable mobility options.