Tenant Spotlight: Skillful

Logo for Skillful against a skyline.

This interview with with Alliance Center tenant, Skillful

What does your organization do and how long have you been around? 
Skillful focuses on workforce and economic mobility through skills-based practices. We’re a nonprofit dedicated to enabling all Americans – particularly those without a four-year college degree – to secure good jobs in a changing economy. In partnership with Microsoft and others, Skillful is developing skills-based training and employment practices in collaboration with state governments, local employers, educators and workforce development organizations.
What specific programs, practices, or priorities is your organization most focused on right now on? How have these programs, practices, or priorities evolved over time?
We’re focused on career coaching and employer and digital solutions for middle skilled workers. These programs have evolved from only direct user to business-to-business programming.
In what ways could this community help you achieve your mission? Are you looking for partnerships, advice, connections? 
The Alliance Center community could our mission through partnerships for coaching work, expansion of skills-based hiring practices among Alliance organizations and partners and leveraging digital solutions to expand our programs.
What is unique about your organization that you could offer to the community?
Skillful focuses on helping all US workers achieve greater economic sustainability by focusing on skills. We advocate for career coaching and pathway planning based on skillsets to help workers see career trajectories formerly unforeseen to them. We also promote for the adoption of skills-based hiring practices for employers to remove barriers economic mobility for middle skilled workers and create a more inclusive talent management process.
What does success look like for you as it relates to sustainability and your organization’s mission? 
Success would include skills as the common currency for all workers in the economy allowing economic sustainability and mobility for all including those without a college degree.
What is your proudest achievement as an organization?
Our organization’s proudest achievement is definitely creating over 50,000 better pathways for middle-skilled workers and working towards systems change throughout the state of Colorado and in the US as a whole.
What is a specific challenge your organization has faced and how have you overcome it?
We are constantly working to overcome the stigma around career mobility and skills. This has been a barrier in both employer and coaching work for Skillful.
How long has your organization been connected with the Alliance Center?
Skillful has been at The Alliance Center since 2016.
Why did your organization choose the Alliance over other working spaces?
We chose The Alliance Center because it provides a collaborative environment and focuses on community.
What’s your favorite memory of being in the Alliance Center? 
Some of our favorite memories of The Alliance Center include the monthly happy hours, fika and events hosting outside speakers that allowed for community-building and partnership creation.

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