Tenant Spotlight: Denver Streets Partnership

Logo for Denver Streets Partnership against a skyline.

Interview with Curt Baker, Communications Manager for Denver Streets Partnership.

What does your organization do and how long have you been around?

We’re a coalition of community organizations advocating for people-friendly streets in Denver. Been at it since 2016.

What specific programs, practices, or priorities is your organization most focused on right now on? How have these evolved over time? 

Since our inception, we’ve been focused on affecting the policies that inform our transportation system: advocating for the dollars to build out complete citywide bike, pedestrian and bus networks; actively participating in advisory groups for citywide plans and major projects to ensure people are prioritized and the community is meaningfully engaged; and working to elevate and empower the voices of those that know their neighborhoods best: residents.

Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve focused on a few specific campaigns to support residents during the pandemic. We advocated for shared and open streets to provide Denverites outdoor space to recreate and exercise safely, successfully reclaiming nearly 15 miles of street space for people walking, biking, and rolling. We’ve also supported dozens of businesses with outdoor seating expansion permits and furniture, focusing on minority-owned businesses that often do not have access to resources, allowing many of them to continue supporting families and the local community.

In what ways does being part of The Alliance Center community help you achieve your mission? 

We welcome organizations that support our mission and vision to consider joining our coalition.

Our mission is: To reclaim Denver’s streets for people walking, rolling, biking, and using transit, and to build safe, healthy and equitable communities.

Our vision is that: On people-friendly streets, walking, rolling, biking, and transit are the first choices of transportation for all people. Streets for people are living, public spaces that connect us to jobs, schools, services and each other and are designed to foster health, happiness, and opportunity for all.

What is something you bring to The Alliance Center that no one else does?

Our work is intimately tied to the Alliance Center’s vision of the world, one where organizations oriented around community, sustainability and collaboration work together towards common goals. Our organization brings together voices that transcend industries and standard transportation issues, bringing together a coalition of partners that represents Denverites with a uniquely-comprehensive voice. Our coalition provides unparalleled, comprehensive expertise and perspective to inform the conversations to reduce our city’s dependence on cars and design communities that prioritize people. We can all agree: safer and better transportation options benefit everyone. Organizations interested in joining our coalition can visit our website.