Since our founding in 2004, The Alliance Center has focused on big, difficult and important problems that require solutions only possible through collaboration. This work, your work, has never been more needed, urgent and possible! 

We have spent the last year ensuring The Alliance Center is ready for the return to the office and the new normal. We are here to support you by providing a safe place to convene, the tools you need and connections required to accomplish your critical work. Read below to learn more about how to join our impactful community of sustainability change agents and why our building is the best place for your organization to advance its important mission.

A Place to Convene

While we’ve all learned a lot of work can happen remotely, this is no replacement for the power of face-to-face collaboration, conversations and interactions. The Alliance Center provides a safe and productive place where you can work with others in-person with peace of mind.

A seal for WELL Health-Safety rating on The Alliance Center's front door.


Safety and wellness are top priorities at the Alliance. Our cleaning standards, air quality management and occupant health programs follow best practices and have passed rigorous, third party verifications. We’ve been LEED Platinum for years and just became one of the first in the nation to earn the WELL Health-Safety rating, which shows our dedication to human wellness and safety in our building. These accomplishments show our ongoing dedication to your wellbeing and that you’re safe at The Alliance Center.


Catch up in our café and ample common areas. Utilize our 16 conference rooms and an event center for your meetings. The majority our conference rooms are fully equipped with new video and teleconferencing systems to support your hybrid teams as they return to the office.


Pay for only what you need – from daily work and hourly meeting space rentals to a dedicated suite for your entire team. As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand needs change and your work may not fit within the Monday through Friday 9-5 mold anymore. We’re committed to finding what works best for you and your team. Explore and learn more about our office, meeting space, membership, and flex desk options.


The Alliance Center staff warmly welcomes your guests, signs for your packages, fixes urgent problems and actually cares about your work and how you’re doing. You can find conversations, coffee and healthy food at our first floor Serendipity Café. Our workplace design makes you feel energized and inspired. Our building holds a community that shares your commitment to a better world. These are the things we have all missed during the pandemic, but create a sense of place that fuels us.

A room with two white walls, an exposed brick wall where a television screen is mounted, and an empty conference table.


The Alliance Center provides reliable and high-quality technology along with an on-site team to make sure you can effectively and easily utilize them.

  • New video and teleconferencing systems in our shared conference rooms.
  • Reliable, fast (soon to be Gig) internet. You have much more important things to do than focus on internet issues during critical donor, sales or policy meetings.  
  • Printing. No fixed fees – pay only for what you print.

Virtual event support. Let our events team help you transition your important fundraising or programmatic events to the new virtual or hybrid world. Explore and learn more about our virtual event support.

A room full of people speak in different groups in the cafe of The Alliance Center during Climate+ Social Movements.


The people you work with are as important as the causes you focus on. The Alliance Center helps you build valuable professional relationships that open up opportunities and make the journey enjoyable. If you are looking for your “tribe” of committed change agents who are dedicated to making the world a better place, then you’ll find that human connection here. At The Alliance Center you’ll find: 

  • Intentionally curated community. All of The Alliance Center’s members are committed to shaping the future we need and taking our climate and sustainability challenges head on.
  • Members only events. Our frequent events connect, educate and inspire and provide you with connections and knowledge you can apply in your work.
  • Exclusive members only information. Our exclusive community groups, bulletin boards and newsletters keep you in the know and also help you get your important information to the right people who will act on it.  

Opportunities to Get Involved. We provide opportunities for our community to engage and shape the future we want. One example is our Regenerative Recovery Coalition, which was launched in response to the COVID pandemic to ensure Colorado takes advantage of this unique opportunity to build back better.   

The Alliance Center is ready to accelerate your most important work and provide you peace of mind while you return to the office. Join us and our impactful community of sustainability change agents today!