Our future is in our hands. While living sustainably may seem daunting, taking small steps can lead to big changes. We know it’s not easy knowing where to start, and that’s why we’ve created this guide.

Our Act Now Initiative features the Good Life Goals, which take the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from global aspirations to local and personal actions. The seven goals listed below relate to the seven SDGs we are working toward at The Alliance Center.

Have you heard about our Impact Dashboard? It is designed to show how The Alliance Center is helping to transition Colorado to an equitable, clean-energy economy by 2050. Whatever your passion, wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we are here to help.

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Use Clean Energy

small changes make a big difference

  • Turn down your water heater a few degrees to save some money and electricity.
  • Change out your old light bulbs to LED as they burn out. The average American household spends 35 to 40 percent of their total energy costs in lighting alone. Replacing your lights with LED bulbs saves the average household 1/3 of their energy bill!
  • Get political: Call your congress people and ask them to support clean energy policies. Visit them at their home offices and attend local town hall meetings to hold them accountable.

Make Smart Choices

Welcome innovations that make the world a better place

  • Educate yourself. Sustainability is complicated. Become aware about sustainability issues. Read credible sources every day so you know the facts. Here are some sources we recommend:  Grist, Think Progress, Fast Company, National Public Radio (NPR), KGNU Radio
  • Be an informed voter. Don’t feel like you know enough to make informed decisions all the way down the ballot? Visit this site.
  • Check out some responsible impact investors who can help you support sustainability through your investment portfolio.
  • Learn about high-performance building and LEED certification to find out how the built environment is tackling climate change.

Be Fair

Buy from companies that pay and treat people fairly

  • Did you know that local independent businesses invest three times more money back into their communities than chain stores? Support local companies, and encourage others to buy local.
  • Have you heard of the Best for Colorado Program? This community of corporate social responsibility leaders is one of the biggest and strongest in the nation – join us for an event to learn how your company can join!
  • Change your career to change the planet. We’ve found this is a great site to find inspiring careers in Colorado. Beyond Colorado, check out idealist.org for job postings that will help you impact the world.
  • Research the JUST Certification and decide whether it makes sense for your company or employer to certify.

Love Where You Live

Learn about, and take part in, local decisions and events

Live Better

Reuse, recycle, repair, share and borrow

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle! Bring reusable items with you (like coffee mugs, reusable bags, to-go containers and reusable straws) to avoid waste. This change starts with all of us.
  • Visit The Alliance Center and use our Hard to Recycle Station – in 2018 we diverted over 200,000 individual items from the landfill – including batteries, lightbulbs, food wrappers, plastic bags and more.

Act on Climate

Learn about and instigate climate solutions

  • Measure your carbon footprint, and take steps to reduce it by 20 percent year over year. Remember, nobody is perfect, but do what you can.
  • Start your own veggie garden. Start small year one, and grow bigger as you gain experience.
  • Eat less meat – it’s better for you and better for the planet.
  • Use public transportation when you can.
  • Volunteer with and support organizations who are doing great work in the fight against climate change including The Sierra Club, 350.org, Protect our Winters and of course, The Alliance Center!

Come Together

Celebrate the progress we have already made

  • Spread the word amongst your friends, online and offline. Be a voice at the dinner table, on social media, in your salon chair, on the bus, and wherever you can share your sustainability story.
  • Help grow Colorado’s sustainability movement with The Alliance Center. Attend our events, or host an event here.
  • Celebrate and champion clean energy policy wins at every level of government, and make sure your elected officials know you appreciate their efforts.