Workplace wellness is more than a catchphrase. It means ensuring that our tenants are comfortable, engaged, and inspired while they share our space.


We offer a variety of community events throughout the month, including morning and afternoon Fika (a Swedish word for a coffee and pastry break), happy hours for tenants, expertise exchange lunches, private film screenings, and other events where our tenants can get together to share ideas and a laugh.


Every Wednesday, our tenants get a chance to come together and re-energize, surrounded by views of lower downtown Denver. The natural lighting and calming presence of our yoga instructors make our free yoga classes an essential mid-week treat. Our instructors teach a variety of classes, from Vinyasa to Hatha, and you are guaranteed to leave feeling better than you started.


Also located on the sixth floor, our meditation space offers a quiet spot to collect your thoughts and unwind. This space is open to all tenants at any hour of the workday.


So many nursing mothers struggle to find a place to pump while at work. At The Alliance Center, we make it easy. Our beautifully decorated and welcoming Wellness Room contains a small, energy-efficient refrigerator, a comfortable recliner, dimmable LED lights, blankets and other amenities to make mothers feel comfortable and relaxed.


Is there anything better than a happy wagging dog tail when you get home from work? Yes! A lot of happy wagging dog tails while you’re at work! The Alliance Center a dog-friendly building, designed with dogs in mind. From Logan, the 90 pound lab to Jenna, the 10 pound terrier, our furry coworkers are greatly appreciated for their unwavering enthusiasm.


Our location might be one of our biggest assets. Since our building is just steps away from Union Station, many of our tenants hop on public transit to get to work. Many more choose to bike in, taking advantage of Denver’s growing selection of bike lanes and trails. With over 40 bicycle parking stations for our tenants, we are biking, riding, and walking the walk of sustainability.